Check live foreign exchange rates online to get the best deal

Are you pissed off with the money changers that make a fool out of you and force you to dig deeper in your pocket? You don’t have to worry any more with online money converters such as Currency Kart being there at your disposal. Now you can set a rate alert to know the updated foreign exchange rates and easily freeze your exchange rate online. Currency Kart has made it convenient for you to do online booking of foreign exchange from the comfort of your home or office.

Forex Exchange Rates

The concept of setting a rate alert to constantly get live rates and book your order accordingly is very new and totally different from how traditionally foreign exchange was done. If you choose a traditional way of booking your forex, you would get to know that a specific currency rates are fixed for an entire day. Money changers don’t update the rates as per the market fluctuations and thus your probability of converting at a lesser rate than the actual rate is higher.

The traditional money changers failed to realize that within a few seconds, the rates can shot up or drop down massively. Foreign exchange rates are highly volatile and fixed rates can really hurtful for customers’ pockets. By keeping a fixed foreign exchange rates, money changers ensure that they have kept a huge profit margin for themselves. But if you choose an online platform providing you live rates for foreign exchange, you not only get clear, transparent information, but also quick and efficient services.

You can order online for booking your forex on or call their representative to help you through your forex booking. Currency Kart lets you exchange foreign currencies during all hours of the day. It hardly takes a few minutes out of your busy schedule and let you focus on other aspects of international travelling.  This convenient service is employed to ensure that the profits of customers is maximized and they don’t fall prey to a covetous money exchanger who might not be following the compliances or rules and regulations laid by the Indian Government for foreign exchange.

To get the best deals when converting currencies, you simply need to give a call to Currency Kart and be rest assured of great services coupled with unparalleled commitment and quick delivery. Go and check now! 


Why every traveler should buy a travel card?

Travel cards are essentially debit cards that are designed to recharge with single or multiple foreign currency/ies before travelling to abroad. Travel money cards are a trouble-free, popular, and safe way of carrying foreign currency overseas.


The biggest benefit of loading up the travel card with your preferred currency is that you can do it when the exchange rate gives you higher value against the currency you are converting into. Suppose you are travelling to the USA, so convert INR to USD when USD at its lowest price of the week; this way you get more worth for the domestic currency. Also once you have a loaded travel card, you don’t have to pay conversion charges every time you shop at abroad.

International travel cards are ideal for those who:

  • travel a lot thus do not have time to convert money multiple times
  • have to travel to several countries therefore, need a travel card to keep multiple currencies in a same card instead of carrying the multiple types of hard currency in their wallets
  • wish to get a better exchange rate; airport conversions are often costly because they have high commissions as well as low exchange rate

Usually, every travel card offers an option to load US dollars, pounds, Euros, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollars and many other currencies.

Now you can load your travel card online. It also works as a standard debit card and can be used to withdraw cash from ATMSs, buy tickets on the public transport, pay taxi bills, buy restaurant meals, book hotels and flights online or shop at malls.

As the technology has improved and our travel habits have changed, our payment methods have also been improvised. Traveler’s cheques have become obsolete and have been replaced by the travel cards. There is no need to use your domestic debit cards outside India and pay heavy commissions to your bank/s for their international use.

There is still a lot of improvement has been happening on the use of travel cards with an aim to make it convenient for travelers to spend and manage their money carefully and safely in foreign lands. Apart from financial institutions, even a few airlines have started offering travel cards but you must check online for many currency exchange websites and their home-delivery service for travel cards. Keep a tab on the value of your currency of choice for a week to get good exchange rates!

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Things your Travel Agent don’t want you to know

For any Industry or business, each has its own trade tricks and secrets. The travel industry is no exception, and for a business which strives on commission and cut throat competition, you can bet there are lot of trade secrets.

travel agent.jpeg

Drawing your travel plans and booking your tickets and holiday stay through a travel agent always seems like a feasible option as it spares you the horror of figuring out everything on your own. You trust your agent to get you a get deal and a wonderful holiday, but don’t get fooled by those gleaming eyes, and never fading smile, because there are few things which even your travel agent won’t tell you.

Here are a few things which you should be aware of before booking your next holiday with a travel agent, because that agent of yours is surely not going to tell you that stuff.

  1. We charge you extra, every time, each time: You have an urgent situation to address to, and you need to be on the next plane available, chances are your travel agent will tell you the flight is almost full, and it’s a mad rush out there, just to lure you to pay extra. Travel agents strive on your misery, never show too much of urgency.
  2. We make huge commission: Unlike what you think, or what they make you believe, your travel agent is making huge profits by getting commissions. A travel agent usually make commission ranging between 10 to 18 percent, add to that the commission they get from hotels, airlines and others. So while they keep whining about not making any money, be rest assured they are doing pretty good.
  3. We will push you to take up that Travel Insurance: Ever wondered why your agent keeps pushing you to take up that travel insurance? Well, let me solve the Pandora’s Box for you here then. A travel Insurance apart from fooling you, gets your agent a commission to the tune of 40 percent. Chances are that if you have a health Insurance in place, it’s likely to cover your holiday too. So that travel Insurance thing? Well, you really don’t need that.
  4. We give you the best deal, not really: Ever heard of the phrase testing the water, before making the dive?  Well never mind, let’s cut the chase and get to the point here. It’s always wise to shop around and check what deals other agents are offering before you say yes to your regular agent. Chances are your regular agent would have been charging you extra all this while.
  5. We hate the Internet, we just cannot stand it: With the advent of Internet, and internet-based travel websites, competition has grown stiff, and commissions have taken a hit. Customers have become more aware; have got better options, deals, and packages. So before making your bookings, check the internet for flight and hotel deals. You would be surprise with the kind of offers you might get.

Currencykart is India’s online marketplace for currency exchange, Multi-currency travel card, Travel Insurance, and remittances (wire transfer).

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Benefits of Prepaid Forex Cards for International Travellers

Cash has been out since the advent of plastic money. Carrying a card instead of hard cash to a foreign trip is far safer and cheaper as well as protects one against currency fluctuation. Find out why you why you should opt for Prepaid Forex Cards:

1. You get good exchange rates compared to cash

Most of the people aren’t aware of the fact that converting your money into a Prepaid Forex Card fetches them a better conversion rate than getting foreign currency. You get more value for money by converting into a prepaid card than converting your home currency directly into foreign currency.

2. Prepaid Forex Cards are a safer option than cash in hand

It is obvious that handling cash in hand, especially in a huge amount, is a hard task for many of us. Additionally, carrying hard currency to a foreign land makes the travelers vulnerable to thefts. Therefore, it is better to carry prepaid Forex cards is that PIN-enabled and are safer because of the in-built chip. Also, whether you are traveling abroad or within the country, avoid carrying excessive amount with you.


3. Prepaid Forex Travel Card is replaceable

Once you have lost your cash, there are slim chances of recovering it. Honestly, that is next to impossible. Therefore, you are advised to convert your money to a prepaid travel card. In case you have lost your card, you can get it blocked within a few minutes and get a replacement card reissued on your name. The balance from your previous card is transferred to the new card. International travelers often get their replacement card with the original Forex kit; however, you should keep the alternative card safe at your hotel or hand it over to your fellow traveler.

4. Carry multiple currencies with you

If you are planning to travel to multiple countries on your international trip, then most probably you will end up carrying currencies of different nations in a single bag thus always confusing yourself and mixing them often. However, a prepaid travel card is a smart card that allows you to store multiple currencies and then detects the country where it is used. Neither you need to worry about shuffling between different wallets carrying different currencies nor you have to worry about the safety of your cash. The preloaded local currency would automatically deduct from your card.

There are many other benefits of prepaid Forex card for international travelers such as Forex cards being cheaper than the debit or credit cards. Moreover, they are accepted widely throughout a foreign country. You can even pay your tax bill with a Forex card.

Tips For Students Study Abroad

There could be many perks of studying abroad but it is also one of the perfect recipes for getting yourself into sticky situations. Even for someone who is well organized, a life abroad, especially when you are still studying can invite in several bumps along. While this allows you to learn a thing or two about traveling, it is always best to be prepared and has a solution ready to every possible problem. Most of it can be avoided if you have your finances organized. Well, here are some tips you can use:

Being able to pay back for the study

Most students studying abroad take help of study loans and scholarships. So, there’s a lot of paying back to be done. It is never too late to start saving or getting a part-time job that won’t hurt your studies too much. There are a lot of students across the globe who both study and work at the same time. A scholarship can also be a great means to get the right kind of education.

Cash or card?

Depending on where you are planning to study, it is necessary to do a bit of research about the kind of money used. Cash will be predominant in countries like Japan but if you are studying in, say, the USA, plastic money is the preferable way to pay. Again, if your studies are limited to a year or less, taking along a debit card that works at home can be an easy way out. However, for a longer duration of stay, you might want to open a bank account overseas. Go for a bank that charges the minimum interest/fees on the process.

The cost of living

The cost of living in a country can make a lot of difference in the success of your study trip. Things like the price of a bottle of water, a pizza or even a beer need to be considered. The best way out is to talk to someone local over there, maybe a friend or someone over a student forum. Know the cost of renting an apartment, taking a taxi between your room and the university and similar things.


Be on budget

When studying abroad for higher education, you will always be short on budget. Consequently, you will have to learn to live like a budget king or queen! Re-plan your spending habits and focus on your end goal.

Live like the locals

The best way to save money abroad is to live like a local. Don’t be a tourist seeking specialty items on a short trip. Learn the local ways to save money in both small and big things.

Overall, be budget smart and travel safely.

20 places to visit in Ottawa and Montreal

An adrenaline junkie or a travel junkie, who loves to explore vibrant cultures across the world and love to attract positive energy and happiness from every country and its people, must plan a trip to Canada. It is a colorful country situated in the northern part of North America and known for the love and enthusiasm of its happy-go-lucky people! The citizens of this country aren’t only open-minded but welcoming to folks flocking from across the world. Their love can be measured by their acceptance of Punjabi as the third official language of their Parliament.

currency exchange.png copy

  1. Tourist Attraction: Basilique Notre-Dame, Montreal

Why you should visit: Gothic Revival Architecture

  1. Tourist Attraction: Gothic Revival Architecture

Why you should visit: Largest military fortification in North America

  1. Tourist Attraction: Parc du Mont-Royal

Why you should visit: Forested Mountain

  1. Tourist Attraction: Parc Olympique

Why you should visit: Exhibitions, sights and activities

  1. Tourist Attraction: Basilique Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Quebec City

Why you should visit: Oldest pilgrimage site in North American region

  1. Tourist Attraction: Ile d’Orléans, Quebec City

Why you should visit: Known as the “cradle of French civilization in North America”

  1. Tourist Attraction: Musée Pointe-a-Callière

Why you should visit: National Historic Site

  1. Tourist Attraction: Les Laurentides (Laurentians)

Why you should visit: Enclosed forested peaks

  1. Tourist Attraction: Musée de la Civilisation de Quebec

Why you should visit: Muesum with interactive shows to cover history, culture, sports, science, and intellectual and esoteric themes

  1. Tourist Attraction: Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montreal

Why you should visit: Montreal’s largest museum

  1. Tourist Attraction: Parliament Hill

Why you should visit: Political and cultural heart of Canada’s Capital

  1. Tourist Attraction: UNESCO Rideau Canal

Why you should visit: Ontario’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site

  1. Tourist Attraction: Notre Dame Basilica

Why you should visit: Witness Canada’s rich historical heritage with a visit to the “church of the kings of Europe”.

  1. Tourist Attraction: Ottawa Locks

Why you should visit: It has massive significance in the history of Canadians.

  1. Tourist Attraction: National Gallery of Canada

Why you should visit: Visit to pay homage to Canada’s elongated and violent military history

  1. Tourist Attraction: Lady Dive Amphibus

Why you should visit: Guided tour to visit 75 tourists attraction in the NCR, it is perfect for families.

  1. Tourist Attraction: ByWard Market

Why you should visit: Canada’s oldest and largest public market

  1. Tourist Attraction: Gatineau Park

Why you should visit: Spend fun time in this 90,000-acre park and indulge in adventurous sports and fun activities.

  1. Tourist Attraction: Dows Lake Pavilion

Why you should visit: Have dinner at one of the restaurants overlooking the picturesque lake.

  1. Tourist Attraction: Canadian Museum of Nature

Why you should visit: Visit this for a look at the well-preserved caricatures of extinct animals, including dinosaurs.


If you are planning to travel to Canada either for a business trip or a leisure trip, you can now easily get currency converted online. To ensure the safety of your money, you are advised to get a Prepaid Forex Card instead of keeping hard money with you on your international trip. First of all, the international Forex Card gives you better conversion rate than converting in foreign currency cash. Secondly, it is convenient, safer to carry as well as easily replaceable in case of loss or theft. It definitely makes your holidays to Ottawa and Montreal smoother. Happy holidaying, folks!

Currencykart is India’s online marketplace for currency exchange, Multi-currency travel card, Travel Insurance, and remittances (wire transfer). Just login or call @9599074001/2 to book your order.