How Can You Get The Best Possible Foreign Exchange Deals?

The currency exchange service has now become quite popular owing to the number of benefits it has to offer the individuals. The currency exchange service is easily available with financial exchange institutions and banks. But it is suggested that you go with the former option as they will provide you with ample options to choose from. The rates for the exchange service are also lower in comparison to what is charged by the banks. Doorstep delivery along with pick up services is provided to customers, even during emergency requirements.

How Can You Exchange Your Currency?

If you are worried about how to execute the entire process, let me tell you that in today’s world everything can be done online as well as over the phone. The ‘live rate chart’ is easily available and you can keep a note of the changing exchange rates on a daily basis to get the best possible deals. Just call the company with whom you want to make the deal and explain the amount you want to exchange. This will help you to save a lot of time. They will execute the exchange service and make the delivery at your doorstep. With CurrencyKart you can enjoy Money Transfer and currency exchange whenever you need. Travel cards are also available that allow you to get the money exactly in the currency unit you want. They charge a very competitive fee for the currency exchange service. In comparison to banks, they can get your work done within just a few hours.

Foreign Exchange Services

Are You Wondering How To Trust A Service Provider?

It is really true that fake currency service providers cheat customers in several ways. If you search online, multiple options will appear on your computer screen. You can shortlist a few of them on the basis of the reviews and comments of the clients who have already worked with them. Moreover, RBI authorized currency exchangers can provide you with genuine and transparent services. They can get the best rates for you in the market as per the RBI guidelines. Unscrupulous currency exchange providers always try to lure customers by offering lucrative discounts and offers. It is always better that you deal with companies that have a good market reputation. Avoid local companies because it increases the risk of fraudulence. You should research the history of a company before dealing with them. If you come across lucrative exchange deals from a company that does not hold an RBI authorized to license, make sure to skip off and check out for the next best possible option.

With CurrencyKart you can get the best possible deals. Being RBI authorized, you can completely rely on them. They ensure transparency in the transactions and do not have any hidden charges.

How Can You Get Currency Exchange Service at A Lower Rate?

Are you planning to visit a foreign country? Are you worried about how to exchange your currency? Do you fear the sky-high currency exchange rates? Well, with so many foreign currency exchange providers and banks you can easily get the lowest possible exchange rates. You can even compare the buy and sell foreign exchange rates before finally deciding to settle down with a specific service provider.

Door Step Delivery

You can now buy foreign currency online and it will be delivered at your doorstep without any extra cost. The best part is that you can even upload the documents online and there is no need for you to visit the store physically to submit them in papers. You can even hand over the copy of the documents to the delivery boy. When you buy the foreign currencies you can get it in the form of cash or transfer directly to the preferable bank account.

Foreign Currency Exchange

You can choose CurrencyKart for your Forex exchange because they can provide you with an ample range of options, which you cannot get with any other providers in your locality. They have various payment modes, which will help you in making your payment without any hassle. The doors step delivery option will enable you to get your currency delivered at your address without the need of leaving your comfort zone.

Low Rate/ Zero Margin

You can check out the number of Online Foreign Exchange Services at a very low rate or negligible amount. Online Forex exchange is one of the safest ways of buying and selling foreign currencies. Exchange foreign currency at zero margin exchange rates with your visa powered Forex cards, which can be used all across the world for your online transactions at merchant outlets and ATMs without the need of paying an additional fee.

Buy Foreign Currency Online

Rate Lock Facility

The ‘Rate Lock’ option is one of the best facilities that can help you to decide the price at which you want to buy or sell your foreign currencies. This enables you to lock a specific rate for two to three days and conduct your buy and sell for the same. The alert notification service is also available where you will be notified about the rate which you want. Not all service providers will nourish you with the aforementioned option. So, make sure that you take care of this factor while choosing a specific provider.

If you want to buy USD in India, first of all, shortlist foreign exchange providers and banks offering this facility. Then, conduct your research work to settle down with the best option. There are a number of factors that you need to take care of while selecting the best option for yourself. It includes the exchange rate, travel card facilities, extra benefits etc.

Travelling abroad for the first time: All you need to know

Travelling to abroad for the first time is often exciting. But this life event of yours calls for extreme care and responsibility before you embark on your journey. Here is a quick list of tips for the first-time international travelers.

  1. Get your medical checkup done: Before you leave your home country, make sure you are properly vaccinated as per the laws of the new country. Also discuss your existing medical prescriptions with your doctor. Check with your medical insurance provider if your policy covers you oversees. In case if it doesn’t, you will need international travel health insurance cover.


  1. Make passport copies: Undoubtedly, the most important thing is to keep your passport safe. But you must also carry with you copies of your passport to ensure that if your passport is stolen or lost, you can still return to your country and prove your citizenship. Also leave a passport copy at home with a trustworthy person. You may also save a copy of it online in your mail account.
  2. Take an international credit card: Get in touch with your bank to get a new international credit card. Your bank will levy heavy fees on the card’s international usage but it can come handy in situations of emergency in an unknown city or country.

  3. Avoid carrying huge amount of local cash: Safeguard yourself against the risk of losing money abroad. Ask your travel agent for international prepaid travel card. You can recharge this card for any amount of money in a foreign currency. You can carry multiple currencies in this card. Your travel agent will give you a replacement of this card in case of its loss or theft.
  4. Have clear travel plans: Look up to the cities, places, museums and exhibitions that you wish to see there. You may buy the tickets online to skip standing in long queues. Also you can avail deals and packages for international travelers.
  5. Activate your phone’s international capabilities: Speak to your network’s customer care and know the charges for international roaming.
  6. Buy guidebooks: After landing in a new country, ask their help desks at airport for guidebooks to easily cruise through your new surroundings. The guidebooks have local maps, phrases, timings of the nearby markets, train schedules and local police helpline number. Always keep a guidebook handy.
  7. Register with your embassy: If travelling to a country facing political or military turbulence, register yourself with your country’s embassy there.

Download a travel app in your smartphone to find detailed information on the new country’s local transportation system, restaurants, sightseeing places and entertainment hubs.

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Why every traveler should buy a travel card?

Travel cards are essentially debit cards that are designed to recharge with single or multiple foreign currency/ies before travelling to abroad. Travel money cards are a trouble-free, popular, and safe way of carrying foreign currency overseas.


The biggest benefit of loading up the travel card with your preferred currency is that you can do it when the exchange rate gives you higher value against the currency you are converting into. Suppose you are travelling to the USA, so convert INR to USD when USD at its lowest price of the week; this way you get more worth for the domestic currency. Also once you have a loaded travel card, you don’t have to pay conversion charges every time you shop at abroad.

International travel cards are ideal for those who:

  • travel a lot thus do not have time to convert money multiple times
  • have to travel to several countries therefore, need a travel card to keep multiple currencies in a same card instead of carrying the multiple types of hard currency in their wallets
  • wish to get a better exchange rate; airport conversions are often costly because they have high commissions as well as low exchange rate

Usually, every travel card offers an option to load US dollars, pounds, Euros, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollars and many other currencies.

Now you can load your travel card online. It also works as a standard debit card and can be used to withdraw cash from ATMSs, buy tickets on the public transport, pay taxi bills, buy restaurant meals, book hotels and flights online or shop at malls.

As the technology has improved and our travel habits have changed, our payment methods have also been improvised. Traveler’s cheques have become obsolete and have been replaced by the travel cards. There is no need to use your domestic debit cards outside India and pay heavy commissions to your bank/s for their international use.

There is still a lot of improvement has been happening on the use of travel cards with an aim to make it convenient for travelers to spend and manage their money carefully and safely in foreign lands. Apart from financial institutions, even a few airlines have started offering travel cards but you must check online for many currency exchange websites and their home-delivery service for travel cards. Keep a tab on the value of your currency of choice for a week to get good exchange rates!

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Things your Travel Agent don’t want you to know

For any Industry or business, each has its own trade tricks and secrets. The travel industry is no exception, and for a business which strives on commission and cut throat competition, you can bet there are lot of trade secrets.

travel agent.jpeg

Drawing your travel plans and booking your tickets and holiday stay through a travel agent always seems like a feasible option as it spares you the horror of figuring out everything on your own. You trust your agent to get you a get deal and a wonderful holiday, but don’t get fooled by those gleaming eyes, and never fading smile, because there are few things which even your travel agent won’t tell you.

Here are a few things which you should be aware of before booking your next holiday with a travel agent, because that agent of yours is surely not going to tell you that stuff.

  1. We charge you extra, every time, each time: You have an urgent situation to address to, and you need to be on the next plane available, chances are your travel agent will tell you the flight is almost full, and it’s a mad rush out there, just to lure you to pay extra. Travel agents strive on your misery, never show too much of urgency.
  2. We make huge commission: Unlike what you think, or what they make you believe, your travel agent is making huge profits by getting commissions. A travel agent usually make commission ranging between 10 to 18 percent, add to that the commission they get from hotels, airlines and others. So while they keep whining about not making any money, be rest assured they are doing pretty good.
  3. We will push you to take up that Travel Insurance: Ever wondered why your agent keeps pushing you to take up that travel insurance? Well, let me solve the Pandora’s Box for you here then. A travel Insurance apart from fooling you, gets your agent a commission to the tune of 40 percent. Chances are that if you have a health Insurance in place, it’s likely to cover your holiday too. So that travel Insurance thing? Well, you really don’t need that.
  4. We give you the best deal, not really: Ever heard of the phrase testing the water, before making the dive?  Well never mind, let’s cut the chase and get to the point here. It’s always wise to shop around and check what deals other agents are offering before you say yes to your regular agent. Chances are your regular agent would have been charging you extra all this while.
  5. We hate the Internet, we just cannot stand it: With the advent of Internet, and internet-based travel websites, competition has grown stiff, and commissions have taken a hit. Customers have become more aware; have got better options, deals, and packages. So before making your bookings, check the internet for flight and hotel deals. You would be surprise with the kind of offers you might get.

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