Student Travel Insurance: Way to Hassle Free Education

In order to save you from any unforeseen trouble and be on the safer side it is essential to choose a student travel insurance policy when going abroad for higher studies. Many students are in a fix when it comes to travel insurance which best suits their needs. At times they get mistaken for a regular travel insurance plan instead of the student travel plan.

Pursuing higher education leads to better prospects of a bright career, however, there are risks involved when one thinks of going abroad. In case of sickness or any accident that you might meet and need medical care or losing your passport or valuables, then the expenses incurred might burn a hole in your pocket. A health insurance covers all such risks for a student studying abroad, which lessens their trouble and eases their burden. A travel insurance plan for students is like a backup cover or a bailout plan from any contingency that meets their way.

Student travel insurance includes the following:

  • Medical emergencies expenses covered like illness, injury or death expenses, and even evacuation expenses in case they have to come back to India due to medical emergency.
  • In case of death, expenses incurred on transportation to bring the mortal remains back home or expenses incurred on burial abroad.
  • Any dental surgery caused by injury while on a trip.
  • Injury caused to any body part due to an accident.
  • Compensation in case of death due to accident or any permanent disablement, while travelling in a common carrier.
  • In case of loss of passport, the cost incurred on obtaining a new passport.
  • Baggage loss/misplaced during checked-in
  • In case of hospitalization for more than 7 days, travel expenses incurred for a family member who visits the student.
  • In case of apprehension due to any bailable offence, the amount incurred to the concerned authority, while abroad.
  • Semester fee reimbursement, in case educational loss happens due to medical reasons.
  • In case of death (due to an injury)of person sponsoring your education, reimbursement of tuition fee is provided.

Before you take the plunge it is necessary that you know the student travel insurance policies and compare them so that you can have a good idea of what suits your needs the best. Students between the age of 16 and 35 are eligible for a student travel insurance plan. Some international universities have made it mandatory to have a health insurance cover and they might decline admission in case a student is not covered. Domestic Travel insurance companies have cheaper rates of premium as compared to international universities offering policies. Some foreign universities include the premium in the fees paid which the student can reclaim. Also, risks covers are provided for drug dependency, pregnancy, mammography, cancer screening, alcoholism, etc. There is also the provision of auto renewal of policy.

Therefore, it I highly recommended that a student gets travel insurance cover before they set their foot on international shores.


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