20 places to visit in Ottawa and Montreal

An adrenaline junkie or a travel junkie, who loves to explore vibrant cultures across the world and love to attract positive energy and happiness from every country and its people, must plan a trip to Canada. It is a colorful country situated in the northern part of North America and known for the love and enthusiasm of its happy-go-lucky people! The citizens of this country aren’t only open-minded but welcoming to folks flocking from across the world. Their love can be measured by their acceptance of Punjabi as the third official language of their Parliament.

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  1. Tourist Attraction: Basilique Notre-Dame, Montreal

Why you should visit: Gothic Revival Architecture

  1. Tourist Attraction: Gothic Revival Architecture

Why you should visit: Largest military fortification in North America

  1. Tourist Attraction: Parc du Mont-Royal

Why you should visit: Forested Mountain

  1. Tourist Attraction: Parc Olympique

Why you should visit: Exhibitions, sights and activities

  1. Tourist Attraction: Basilique Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Quebec City

Why you should visit: Oldest pilgrimage site in North American region

  1. Tourist Attraction: Ile d’Orléans, Quebec City

Why you should visit: Known as the “cradle of French civilization in North America”

  1. Tourist Attraction: Musée Pointe-a-Callière

Why you should visit: National Historic Site

  1. Tourist Attraction: Les Laurentides (Laurentians)

Why you should visit: Enclosed forested peaks

  1. Tourist Attraction: Musée de la Civilisation de Quebec

Why you should visit: Muesum with interactive shows to cover history, culture, sports, science, and intellectual and esoteric themes

  1. Tourist Attraction: Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montreal

Why you should visit: Montreal’s largest museum

  1. Tourist Attraction: Parliament Hill

Why you should visit: Political and cultural heart of Canada’s Capital

  1. Tourist Attraction: UNESCO Rideau Canal

Why you should visit: Ontario’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site

  1. Tourist Attraction: Notre Dame Basilica

Why you should visit: Witness Canada’s rich historical heritage with a visit to the “church of the kings of Europe”.

  1. Tourist Attraction: Ottawa Locks

Why you should visit: It has massive significance in the history of Canadians.

  1. Tourist Attraction: National Gallery of Canada

Why you should visit: Visit to pay homage to Canada’s elongated and violent military history

  1. Tourist Attraction: Lady Dive Amphibus

Why you should visit: Guided tour to visit 75 tourists attraction in the NCR, it is perfect for families.

  1. Tourist Attraction: ByWard Market

Why you should visit: Canada’s oldest and largest public market

  1. Tourist Attraction: Gatineau Park

Why you should visit: Spend fun time in this 90,000-acre park and indulge in adventurous sports and fun activities.

  1. Tourist Attraction: Dows Lake Pavilion

Why you should visit: Have dinner at one of the restaurants overlooking the picturesque lake.

  1. Tourist Attraction: Canadian Museum of Nature

Why you should visit: Visit this for a look at the well-preserved caricatures of extinct animals, including dinosaurs.


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